fossilized bird skeleton

Fossil Fuels

What are fossil fuels? They are natural sources of hydrocarbon-containing materials formed by geological processes acting on the remains of decomposing plants and animals from millions of years ago or more… Read

Is SB 1383 Mandatory?

Californian flag and American flag

The California Senate Bill 1383 is California’s s short-lived climate pollutant reduction law. SB1383 was enacted in September 2019 to lower greenhouse gas emissions, particularly methane. Organic wastes and decomposing foods release heat trapping pollutants classically known as landfill gases… Read

How Is Plastic Affecting the Arctic?

ice in the Arctic ocean

As sea ice in the Arctic forms and melts, it catches and releases microplastics. Therefore changes in sea ice from global warming will likely influence the amount and distribution of plastics in Arctic environments… Read

Are Climate Change and Plastic Pollution Related?

Marine plastic pollution and climate change are mutually reinforcing, interactive phenomena. Plastic release GHGs at all stages of its lifecycle while climate change influences the distribution of plastic… Read

The Environmental Impact of GMOs

GMO corn maize plant crop

GMO adoption can increase crop growth, enhance carbon absorption and mitigate tilling and forest clearing-related emissions… Read

Can Plastic Pollution Cause Climate Change?

Climate change and plastic pollution are fundamentally linked to one another. They are mutually reinforcing and threaten marine species and ecosystems… Read

Is Seitan Healthy For Weight Loss?

woman holding tape measurer around waist

Plant-based diets are more than just a strategy for promoting sustainable agriculture, they can also improve weight loss efforts and reduce heart disease risks… Read

How Has Climate Change Affected Yellowstone Amphibians?

As habitats continue to heat up and dry out under the influence of climate change, certain amphibians that move across Yellowstone will likely experience increasing loss of habitable zones… Read

What Are Direct and Indirect Effects of Climate Change?

Though all biomes across the globe are predicted to be impacted by climate change, freshwater systems in alpine and pre-alpine regions may be disproportionately at risk due to agriculture and hydropower plants… Read

Increasing Heat-Stress Inequality in a Warming Climate

This study projects further intensification of extreme heat events in the near and long term future. Excess heat events are a symptom of increasing temperature averages across many regions of the globe… Read

Climate Change Impacts On Birds and Mammals

Australian Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus)

The longer the duration of the original studies, the more likely authors were to infer that the observed changes in taxonomic groups were due to climate change rather than climate variability… Read

What Is Causing Ocean Warming?

ocean surface water

A new analysis uses data across seven ocean basins to assess world ocean warming trends. Researchers list 2018, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2021 as the hottest five years of the global ocean since the year 1955… Read

COP26: Helping the Least Developed Countries Adapt

city skyline coast lake shore and buildings

The Conference of Parties (COP), established by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is a convention of world leaders and scientific experts for discussing climate change. COP26 will be the next COP gathering and will take place in November, 2021… Read

IPBES/IPCC: Nature-Based Solutions, Climate Change Mitigation

ipcc and ipbes

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have proposed a new conservation paradigm to address climate change and biodiversity loss… Read

IPBES and IPCC Co-Sponsored Workshop

IPBES and IPCC compare and contrast circles

According to the IPBES and IPCC workshop report, climate change and biodiversity loss are mutually reinforcing… Read

Study Calls for Strict Limits On Fossil Fuels

New research published in the British scientific journal, Nature, finds that limiting average global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2 degrees Celsius at most) relative to preindustrial levels will require ambitious reductions in fossil fuel use… Read

Medical Journals Warn About Climate Change

230 medical journals have released a joint statement warning that climbing global temperature averages will play a role in worsening health outcomes abroad… Read

AR6 Climate Change Report

 United Nations’ officially climate experts committee has released an updated report on climate change’s physical evidence and a list of solutions for policy makers… Read

Haiti Struck By 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

Haiti’s latest earthquake to date struck its Saint-Louis du Sud region at about 8:30 a.m on August 14th less than 80 miles from the capital, Port-au-Prince… Read

U.S and Russia Are Using Climate Change Talks To Ease Tensions

The U.S and China are using climate change to negotiate with one another despite the tensions they have had in recent history… Read

UN Landmark Report On Climate Change

UN experts are scheduled to release a report that details new evidence and policy recommendations on climate change… Read

What Is COP26?

COP26 is the 26th annual conference of parties which will take place this November 2021… Read

The Carbon Disclosure Project Announces Environmental Impact

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) delivers insights about the carbon output from countries, organizations and energy sectors…Read

A Series of Floods Struck London In 2021

The flash floods that struck London 2021 highlight how vulnerable developed nations are to climate change… Read

IPBES and IPCC Are Tackling Biodiversity Loss & Climate Change

Climate change mitigation strategies identified in the nexus report include: reducing deforestation, improving agricultural, enhancing biodiversity and implementing plant-based eating regimens…Read

Strikes in France for Climate Change Action

Demonstration in France have ensued due to lack of climate action. Citizen have taken to the streets to express demands for more progressive and meaningful environmental action after the release of a senate bill… Read

Will the Amazon Rainforest Become A Carbon Source?

As the Amazon loses vegetation due to wildfires and forest clearing, researchers have begun to ask whether or not the carbon being released exceeds the amount of carbon absorbed… Read

Fossil Fuel Investments Must Cease For Net-Zero Read

ExxonMobil Seeks to Make Individuals Responsible for Climate Change Read

Greta Thunberg: UK Is Lying About Progress On Climate Change Read

Shell Oil Company Ordered to Reduce Emissions 45% by 2030 Read

Greta Thunberg Says Scotland Is Not A World Leader On Climate Change Just Before COP26 Read

Ocean Climate Change News

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Agriculture Climate Change News

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Vegan News

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Environmental Science Climate Change News

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United States Climate Change News

Indigo Agriculture & Corteva Pay US Farmers In Carbon Credit Program Read

Harvard University Will Divest Its $42B From Fossil Fuels Read

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