Plastic Pollution in the Arctic

A study, “Plastic Pollution in the Arctic” reports that Arctic wildlife regularly ingest, become entangled in, or be smothered by plastic debris. Arctic species such as sculpin (Triglops nybelini), the northern fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis), and belugas (Delphinapterus leucas) have been found with plastic inside them. Plastic ingestion may even affect marine invertebrates like zooplankton in […]

Effects of Plastic On the Ocean

An article titled, “The Fundamental Links Between Climate Change and Marine Plastic Pollution”, describes the interactive relationship between climate change and marine plastic pollution. The article’s authors claim that climate change and marine plastic pollution are linked in three ways: 1) the production of plastic relies on fossil fuel extraction and is thus a greenhouse […]

Vegan Leather Pros and Cons

The main benefit of vegan leather is that it’s less expensive than leather made from animal skin. The synthetic materials in vegan leather usually consist of organic polymers, like polyurethane, which are cheaper to manufacture than authentic leather. Synthetic, vegan leathers are also much easier to clean, as of their high plastic content. On the […]

Journal for Environmental Science

What Is Weather for Tomorrow? “What’s the Temperature Tomorrow? Increasing Trends in Extreme Volatility of Daily Maximum Temperature in Central and Eastern United States (1950–2019)“, is an analysis that focuses on the behavior of daily maximum temperature volatility in the United States… Reduced Water In the Fertile Crescent Rivers A paper titled, “The Impact of Climate […]

How to Recycle

A growing number of people are beginning to take interest in recycling. This is partially due to rising concerns about pollution risks on public health, resource security, and climate change. Recycling effectively prevents certain items from ending up in landfills or incinerators and makes them suitable for reuse. This process not only reduces the amount […]

How Fossil Fuels Are Formed

Fossil fuels are formed by geological processes acting on the remains of living organisms from millions of years ago. As organic material from deceased plants and animals becomes buried deeper and deeper underground, that material is exposed to increasing amounts of pressure and heat. This heat and pressure transforms underground plant and animal material into […]

Cowspiracy Facts: Oceans

While fisheries generate food and profit, they could do much more harm than good for underwater ecosystems. The film Cowspiracy makes a convincing case for the deleterious effect of large-scale fishing operations on ocean environments, species variety, and abundance. Cowspiracy depicts modern fishing as a largely unsustainable industry that could lead to fishless oceans by […]