Strikes in France for Climate Change Action

Citizens of France are hosting strikes calling for more progressive action against the climate change crisis. These demonstrations are likely a response to a tabled Senate bill that makes an “environmental protection and biological diversity” commitment. (The link is translatable to English). Apparently, thousands of French citizens do not think that the bills goes far enough. The Senate’s environmental bill was aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions, banning domestic flights under two and a half hours and building better “green” vehicles.

Environmental demonstrators and activists may be blaming blame President Emmanuel Macron. For some time, Macron has been speaking out against carbon emissions and inaction with respect to cutting them. French newspaper, Journal du Dimanche, reported that Macron’s proposed referendum to include the environment into the French Constitution will not be taking place.

The Paris Climate Agreement is a proposal which sets ambitious goals for mitigating climatic warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above that of estimated pre-industrial levels. Unfortunately, international communities, including those of France, have not manifested the necessary changes to reach the Paris goals of 2015 (signed in 2016). The Paris Climate Agreement, which lays out specific targets for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, is a legally binding document. These strikes represent the organized frustration of French citizens and environmentalist groups that have grown tired of inaction from policy makers and energy sectors.

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