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The need for vegan (plant-based) foods is growing, especially in areas like Chicago, New York and California. Vegan breakfasts, lunch and dinner, are gradually becoming the new norm in some restaurants and grocery stores. If you live in Chicago, you’re in luck! We’ve created a list of vegan places to try in the Windy City.

Vegan Breakfast Near Me

Vegan breakfast foods served in restaurants and eateries usually looks one of two ways. Either the foods are elaborate enough to substitute hearty breakfast meats with high calorie vegan alternatives, or all of the vegan options are plain fruits and vegetables only. Fruits, vegetables and oats are a welcomed meal, but it can be difficult to get a sufficient amount of calories only eating those foods. Restaurants that employ meat alternatives are known to have vegan eggs and vegan breakfast sausage.

toast Smuckers on vegetable dish

Fancy Plants Cafe

Fancy Plants cafe offers a well-reviewed dine-in experience, and partner with Dark Matter Coffee. Making it a perfect stop for a breakfast restaurant.

Pancakes with fruit and jelly

Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe

There are two Wildberry Pancake Cafes in Chicago; they are apart of the same chain and they both offer renown vegan pancakes.

Lula Cafe

Lula Cafe is a vegan friendly restaurant that is known for its brunch options. They have phenomenal acai bowls and fresh fruits.

Vegan Lunch Near Me

You can expect vegan lunch near you to consist of a pasta, perhaps vegetable-stuffed tacos and plenty of leafy greens (and if not, hopefully a salad). Leafy greens should be included in any daily diet. Leafy greens offer A, C, and K vitamins, in addition to phytochemicals-a type of antioxidant which protects bodily cells against free radical damage. Leafy greens are low in fat and high in fiber. Fiber aids in digestive processes and is consistent with a cholesterol lowering diet.

cauliflower and pea meal

Native Foods

Native foods is a Californian-style vegan experience (where it was founded). Native foods is distinguished for its vegetable filled menu.

tomato topped vegetable dish

Urban Vegan

Urban Vegan is a relatively popular restaurant in Chicago, that is loved for its noodles, soy-meat alternatives and burgers.

broccoli and pasta meal

Zest Raw Vegan

Zest Raw Vegan is known for its fresh vegetables, organic juices and raw entrees. This restaurant has without doubt earned its name.

Vegan Dinner Near Me

Vegan dinner is usually the place for most restaurants to go all out. Vegan dinners should contain hearty, high calorie dishes which make you feel full and keep you from craving more food throughout the night. Vegan dinner foods can be anything, but here are a few ideas: beans, vegan meat alternatives, lentils, soy, healthy fats and vegetables.

vegan ruben dish

Chicago Diner

The Chicago is a vegetarian, mostly vegan, restaurant that does dinner well. Their vegan milkshakes and vegan bakery make them great for desert too.

vegan pizza on cardboard

Kitchen 17

Kitchen 17 is one of the restaurants on this list that is 100% vegan. They have award-winning deep dish pizza.

steamed vegetables on triangle plate

IM Vegan

IM vegan has plenty of fried rice, steamed vegetables and tofu- all of which are almost guaranteed to to provide enough carbs and calories to keep you full.

Vegan Restaurants Chicago

Most restaurants in Chicago have started to incorporate plant-based options over the last few decades. The rise of veganism in popular culture means that more restaurant-frequenters are routinely requesting plant-based alternatives. Having black-bean burgers, Impossible Foods, cauliflower substitutes and Beyond Meats on the menu now reflects how adaptable (and perhaps how modern) restaurants and food service companies are in the face of change.

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