How Indigo Farming Helps Farmers

indigo agriculture truck and tractor

Transporting grains and produce can be complex and troublesome for farmers. Indigo Agriculture, the company spearheading advances in improved farming techniques and microbe technology for plant seeds, has plans to make shipping and receiving simpler and less time consuming for both farmers and carriers.

Indigo Transport and Marketplace

Indigo Transport is what Indigo Agriculture is calling its transportation operation. Indigo Transport works by allowing farmers to upload their produce yields onto the Indigo Marketplace. Access to Indigo Marketplace allows farmers to access potential buyers who bid for crops. Once farmers have chosen from a list of buyers, they can then decide to ship their produce using Indigo Transport. Representatives at Indigo Agriculture confirm the order, match it to a carrier, and handles the rest- like shipping and payment. Finally, farmers will receive a check in the mail for their successful sale on Indigo Marketplace.

Farmers who use Indigo farming can expect benefits in three ways. The first comes from using Indigo Agricultures’ Marketplace to post crop yields. Posting crop yields exposes farmers to a broad network of buyers, which are potential clients. The produce is sold from Indigo Marketplace so farmers receive an upfront payment and always know exactly what to expect from each sale.

Secondly, Indigo Agriculture takes care of shipping through Indigo Transport. This Transportation system is an extension of the Marketplace, thus buying and shipping are part of a seamless transition to delivery. Local carriers are matched by Indigo representatives, while on-farm pick-ups are coordinated by truck drivers at the convenience of farmers.

Farmers also benefit from being able to see the cost of freights up front. Freights are trucks and ships that transport goods between buyers and farmers. Transporting produce is generally a costly liability for shipping and freight companies who are part of e-commerce networks- therefore, shipping can detract from farmer’s total profits. However, if farmers and shippers are better informed about the logistics of their trades, then they can potentially save themselves money and time.

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