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What Is Weather for Tomorrow?

US map weather forecast

What’s the Temperature Tomorrow? Increasing Trends in Extreme Volatility of Daily Maximum Temperature in Central and Eastern United States (1950–2019)“, is an analysis that focuses on the behavior of daily maximum temperature volatility in the United States…

Reduced Water In the Fertile Crescent Rivers

A paper titled, “The Impact of Climate Change on the Euphrates-Tigris Basin and Political Dynamics in the Region“, maintains that warmer temperatures in and around the rivers will decrease winter precipitation and snowpack…

Free Charging for Electric Cars

white Tesla charging with Volta station

Instead of monetizing the electricity for EV charging, Volta generates ad revenue from its video screens. This means that Volta provides charging to EV and HPEV (hybrid plug-in electric vehicle) drivers completely for free…

Future Greenhouse Gas Concentrations

Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) are scenarios that describe how Earth’s climate could potentially change in the future based on greenhouse gas concentrations emitted into the atmosphere…

Effects of Plastic On the Ocean

An article titled, “The Fundamental Links Between Climate Change and Marine Plastic Pollution”, describes the interactive relationship between the climate crisis and plastic in the ocean…

China’s Summer 2022 Heatwave and Droughts

Chinese mountains with red sun on horizon

China not only witnessed its lowest levels of rainfall in 61 years but also felt what is arguably its most severe heatwave ever recorded in terms of duration and intensity…

What Are Fossil Fuels?

fossilized bird skeleton

The stored energy in fossilized hydrocarbon compounds release energy in the form of heat when burned. Hydrocarbon combustion, the chemical reaction in which hydrocarbons interact with oxygen, produces water and carbon dioxide…

Is Seitan Good for Weight Loss?

woman holding tape measurer around waist

Plant-based diets are more than just a strategy for promoting sustainable agriculture, they can also improve weight loss efforts and reduce heart disease risks…

Michigan’s Plan to Decarbonize from Liesl Clark

In the first week of May 2021, Ken Haddad, Digital Content Manager and newsletter writer for interviewed Liesl Clark, director of the EGLE and the chair of the Michigan Climate Council. Their conversation focused on Michigan’s plan to become carbon neutral and limit total emissions. As of 2016, Michigan ranked as one of the top 10 states in America for total greenhouse gas emissions…

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Climate Change Is

Climate change is an environmental phenomenon associated with increased surface temperatures, heightened sea levels, melting ice sheets, biodiversity loss, and decreased agriculture production.

Authored by daVarius Robinson